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John F. Kennedy Adult Education Center
Hand sanitizer dispenser at school
Touchless Automatic, No damage during several month

Uptown Volvo
Hand sanitizer dispenser at cars showroom
Commercial, Touchless, Automatic

Gallery203 Interview
Stylish hand sanitizer dispenser at the art gallery
Stylish, Touchless, Automatic

I am pleasantly surprised by the high technology and quality of this device! Automatic and touchless, dispensing just the right amount of a delicate spray mist to sanitize your hands. It feels cool and refreshing. Extremely cost efficient and low maintenance. Highly recommend this product, well worth the money and customer service is amazing! Wish we knew about this dispenser earlier! We are proud to support a local business! Congratulations UNIART!
Elizabeth L, , JFK AEC

So amazingly awesome and easy to setup! The dispenser is discreet and solid, made from a high quality stainless steel. A simple and sophisticated design fitting for any décor. Can be used in any place and fully autonomous. The gentle flash of green light adds to the hand sanitizing experience. Makes sanitizing your hands easy, fun and fresh! Very cool device!

Ben Fourgen

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Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser